BerMor, LLC

Our consult services are included when you use BERMOR LLC.

Same Day / In-office Denture Repair Available!

In most cases, we offer same day at no additional charge for simple repairs. Limited to 5 per day so please call!

Dental Laboratory Consultants and Design Studio

BerMor LLC

We can meet your needs by offering In-office visits and give step by step Lab guidance (if needed) to make every patient appointment a success!

Please call to ask for separate consultation prices if you choose to use another lab. Our consult services are included when you use BERMOR LLC.


  • Meetings w/ Doctors to discuss upcoming cases and go over all options, including materials and prices.
  • Meetings w/ Doctor and patient utilizing 3D imaging to take photos and go over materials in real time so they can preview possibilities.
  • Available to be at the clinic through whatever process that is chosen by clinician.


We are committed to our customers, 24/7.

Text/Call For Pick-Ups

1 (410) 910-0119


-Full Dentures (competitively priced)
-R.P.D's (All acrylic, Metal, W.W clasps.
-Repairs (simple, relines, etc)


-Provisional (Full Denture Conversions, Single Tooth).
-Clear Denture Replication.
-Final Restorations (Traditional, P.M.M.A, Zirconia, Hader, Locator, etc).

BerMor, LLC

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